Report Abuse

To report life threatening emergencies, safety concerns, or if police assistance is immediately needed, call 911 or contact your local police department.

The Lasso Safe Anonymous Surmise of Abuse is an independent reporting program and empowers safety within Lasso Safe certificate holders’ leaders, members, participants, family members and attendees of sport communities. This form is upheld by Lasso Safe’s unified platform to support safety within sport communities, bolstered with threshold intelligence to engage ancillary resources. Certificate holders and their communities can rest assured that reports are directed to the registered divisions within the organization, as well as external regulatory department(s) as required by federal law.

Any type of sport participant, such as youth or minor, disabled, amateur or professional athlete or elderly. This form does not accept abuse claims for individuals who are not active participants in sport. Please contact your local abuse helpline or police department for all other individuals.

The person of interest must be associated with this certificate holder as, but not limited not, a participant or athlete, teammate, staff member, medical provider, volunteer or family member. While the person of interest must be associated with this certificate holder, the incident can be reported if it occurred within or outside of organizational property or events (example: reporter has witnessed a coach associated with this certificate holder violate an athlete’s human rights at a travel game or non-sanctioned event)

Topics of report can include verbal, emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse. Organizational concerns such as facility maintenance and upkeep, interpersonal challenges, forced doping practices, neglect and OSHA violations are not accepted through this form.

1. Incident Location and Date

2. Athlete is Experiencing...

(Examples: Athlete addressed as “fatty” or “slow”, or any use of expletives directed toward athlete by a person in authority or amongst peers.)
(Behaviors that harm self-worth or emotional well-being, such as spurning, terrorizing and exploiting.)
(Examples: coach strikes athlete, trainer inflicts inappropriate training loads, peer to peer violence)
(Examples: a romantic or sexual relationship between person in authority and athlete, person of authority slaps buttocks of athletes, peer to peer sexual contact accomplished through force or threat of force)

3. Person(s) of Interest or Allegedly Involved

This can include, but is not limited to, a peer or person in authority who has violated an athlete’s human rights as the alleged abuser, perpetrator, abettor or accomplice, or others who were complicit, neglectful or abetting in the alleged abuse.

4. Incident Witnesses/Victims

This can include, but is not limited to, a participant or athlete who’s human rights were violated through verbal, emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse and is a participant, athlete or member within the Lasso Safe certificate holder’s organization, or is a witness(es) of alleged abuse occurring within the organization.

5. Reporting Party

The reporting party has the right to remain anonymous and such status will not influence the handling of the report. However, if the reporting party would like to be updated on incident handlings/investigations, or contacted for additional evidence or questioning, all reporting party fields must be submitted.